Responsible & Experienced Leadership for Hamilton County

Andy Black was born and raised right here in Cincinnati. He grew up in a household where East Side met West Side, with his mother originating from Colerain and his father from Madeira. Yes, it is possible to bridge this Cincinnati divide. Andy was born in Delhi Township and raised in Mariemont where he attended their public schools through high school. 


He then packed up and moved to Oxford, where he attended Miami University. Here he played college football and earned his Bachelors in History. While working full time, he then continued his education by attending Bellarmine University where he completed and earned his MBA.


Andy then launched himself into the private sector, serving for 15 years in the financial technology sector, primarily with Diebold-Nixdorf & NCR Corp. In this role he was responsible for managing a global account team with revenues in excess of $75,000,000.


Currently, Andy serves as Vice President of a design-build firm specializing in commercial real estate opportunities for community based banks and credit unions. This role has prepared Andy to take on the complicated task of economic development and job creation in Hamilton County, as well as given him the necessary experience in working hand-in-hand with local businesses to accomplish their goals.


Beyond Andy’s professional career, he has dedicated himself to service to the public. In 2009 he became the youngest individual ever elected to Mariemont council and was subsequently appointed as Chairman of the Finance Committee. He then served as Vice Mayor of Mariemont from 2011-2012. In addition to his service as an elected official, Andy has been active as a board member for the Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club and the Hamilton County Republican Party Leadership Council, and has served in leadership roles on the reelection campaigns for Congressman Steve Chabot and Senator Rob Portman.


Andy has been married to his wife Courtney for 14 years and they live with their two sons in Indian Hill.


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